Why we do the things we do

  • The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is a non-sectarian organization which shall strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination among students. No ethnic, social, racial, cultural, religious or political qualifications shall be made as a requirement for membership.
  • The Fraternity believes in the promotion of brotherhood through service to their fellowmen, and that the peace and well-being of the community shall be attained through services to those who need them. Towards this end of ultimately making the community a better place to live in, the fraternity shall strive to set an example.
  • The Fraternity renounces violence as an instrument of fraternal policy and adheres to the policy of peace, equality, justice, freedom, cooperation and amity with all individuals and organizations.
  • Towards the fulfillment of its duty to society, the fraternity shall strive to contribute its share towards the resolution of problems of national interests.
  • The Fraternity shall strive to ensure that all its members are enlightened on all forms and aspects of human relationships to broaden their perspective in life and for them to become enlightened members of the society.
  • The Fraternity recognizes the vital role of the individuals in the organization. Towards this belief, the fraternity shall strive to enhance the personality development of each member through cultivation of his talents, potentials and capabilities, and to encourage academic excellence and leadership in all fields of undertaking.