More than 30 Schools by the 30th year: UPLB, alumni and friends support “KE Bond Project” of SLKEAAI,

Actualizing the call to support our KE educators, The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, UPLB Chapter, Alumni and Friends is supporting the Southern Luzon Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association Inc. (SLKEAAI) “KE Bond Project”Support for KE educators as an offshoot of BrigadaKEskwela2020. 70 reams of Subs20 A4 Copy Paper will be donated to SLKEAAI to meet the needs of more than 30 KE educators of the 20 Schools in Quezon Province. With this development, the BrigadaKEskwela2020 will be covering more than 30 schools on our 30th year.

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