#brigadaKEskwela2020 project covers more than 30 schools in 10 provinces

Project AVP Finale

The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity – UPLB chapter started the activity: BrigadaKEskwela2020 last June 02, 2020, that aims to provide a package consisting of face shields, face masks, disinfectants, liquid hand soap and thermal scanners to public schools in preparation for the incoming school year. KE member-Educators from different school chapters requested us to include their schools to be part of this project. As of July 18, 2020, 26 public schools have received their BrigadaKEskwela Packages. A support package was also donated to SLKEAAI,s KE Bond Project for KE Educators. We thank the overwhelming support of the KE Universe for our common goal to help our KE educators and their respective public schools through #brigadaKEskwela2020.

What educators say about the project

“Magandang Buena Mano para sa Brigada Eskwela 2020.

Librada Solis, Head Teacher III & Brigada Eskwela Coordinator, Inosloban-Marawoy Integrated National High School

“Kappa Epsilon was the first one who answered our call. Their act of kindness gave us hope that we can make it in this most challenging school year we have to face and ever since.”

Teacher Ana Torres, Brigada Eskwela Coordinator Elementary School, Malvar, Batangas

“Despite the health risk, it is really a noble and selfless work of Kappa Epsilon to reach our Talavera Senior High School”

Pepito Marzan Jr. Principal, Talavera Senior High School

“Napakalaking tulong nito sa aming paaralan.”

Aileen Joy R. Manzano Head Teacher VI, English Department, Ilocos Sur National High School

Project Governance and Transparency

As good stewards of your entrusted donations, we are disclosing the status of the #brigadaKEskwela2020 funds that have been received by the UPLB KE Project Management team.

List of Project Donors

Acknowledment AVP

#brigadaKEskwela2020 is one of the many projects within the Kappa Epsilon Universe.

Thank you for your support.

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