In Memoriam

On our 30th year, we remember our brothers who went ahead of us. our brotherhood unites us and never fades in death. May their memory live on to infinity.

MACS to the MAX! : #brigadaKEskwela sa Aurora

MACS to the MAX! The battle cry of Maria Aurora Central School (MACS) not just for Academic Excellence but also for Non-Academic Distinction. Maria Aurora Central School aims to achieve greatness to the maximum level. This motto manifested in the variety of achievement the school has gained. Maria Aurora Central School has been the National Awardee for Best Brigada Eskwela Implementer – Large School Category, for two consecutive years, 2018 and 2019. MACS become the pride of the Municipality of Maria Aurora, Province of Aurora, SDO- Aurora as well as DepEd Region III.

For this school year, 2020-2021, Brigada Eskwela accustomed activities will not be possible due to COVID-19 Pandemic. This brought problems to all schools all over the country. The fear of being caught by the disease hinders the normal way of conducting the opening of classes. There is a survey involving stakeholders, parents and a teacher in choosing the how’s to begin the school year.

 In the midst of this global health problem, the continuation of School Year 2020-2021 is pursued following the health protocols and order of the Secretary of Education, Leonor M. Briones. There are different solutions offered by the Department of Education. Online Learning, Modular Learning, Television, Radio, Face to Face and a Combination are some of the modalities set. Enrolment process this school year is also beyond normal.

But despite all the problems encountered, Oplan Balik Eskwela and Oplan Brigada Eskwela have pushed through. It is implemented to guarantee the safety of the opening of classes. New normal activities are set. Maria Aurora Central School used Online Flat form to commence Virtual Kick-Off and school’s Facebook Page posted announcements about Brigada Eskwela Activities. Stakeholders are encouraged to continue helping the school.

In the middle of this unseen enemy, tirelessly effort from stakeholders: parents, alumni, private individual, non-government organizations and LGU of Maria Aurora have been evident. The support that these stakeholders bestow upon the school created positive ripple effect. Great schools cannot exist without a link from the external and internal stakeholders.

Mylene Valdez, a parent working abroad, provided help to the school because she knows the difficulty of this situation and believed in the school’s purpose. Mylene is just one of the generous parents who donated facemasks, alcohol and hand soaps, materials essential in these trying times. They have opened their big heart and gave support to the loving school of their children.

An alumnus of the school says “The only way to pay tribute to her beloved school is to give back and help my alma mater”. Aireen Matabuena felt that in her small way, she must help the school and the pupils of MACS. Aireen was not a resident of the Municipality anymore, but sent her aid without hesitation, she was reached through the social media of her former teacher. She’s just one of the many alumni who donated face masks, alcohol and hand soaps.

This Private Individual, Engineer and Mrs. Medel Chua of Bataan, who yearly supports the Brigada Eskwela Initiatives donated surgical face masks, KN95 face masks, PPE, Thermal Scanner. Last year the family donated school supplies for pupils but this year due to the situation, materials in combatting COVID 19 are essential. And Mrs. Chua even sent message saying “May this be a great help to the pupils and good luck for the coming school year.”
MACS TODA, a tricycle organization in Maria Aurora Central School, signed a memorandum of agreement with MACS. This agreement states that the MACS TODA will be in charge of distributing and collecting the modules of every pupil. The President of MACS TODA, Mr. Johnny Minor, was very welcoming in the proposal which will not only beneficial to their group but at the same time to pupils whom they are serving ever since. “Tara na… Aandar na ang mga Tryk ni Mang MACS!” MACS and MACS TODA support each other and help each other to succeed.
LGU Maria Aurora has always been a partner of Maria Aurora Central School. Headed by Mayor Amado M. Geneta, together with Vice Mayor Oscar W. Padua and all the SB Members support the continuation of education amidst the Pandemic. The LSB Fund for Sports will be utilized in the supplies needed for reproduction of modules, bond papers and ink, for all schools, Elementray and Secondary of Maria Aurora and two (2) photocopying machines, all worthing to P 2,060,000.00 will be given to Maria Aurora East and West Districts.

MACS Faculty and Staff headed by Mrs. Gliceria C. Geneta, prepared the school to make sure that the school is ready for the opening of classes. Signages are placed on the school premises on the minimum health standards. Supplies to combat COVID 19 are purchased for teachers and pupils. Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected. The classroom design according to the DepEd order to observe during this pandemic is followed by the teachers. The assurance of supplies, answer sheets and modules will be equipped before the classes start.

According to DepEd, Education must continue “Sulong Edukalidad” with these goal the MACS support the DepEd. MACS family is working together collaboratively and enthusiastically with its stakeholders, and looking forward to create a productive and positive atmosphere of quality education to pupils of Maria Aurora this coming school year in spite of the present situation. Commitment, care and dedication have been developed in MACS family. This is how we do at Maria Aurora Central School. We, School Personnel and Stakeholders, work wholeheartedly, we look forward positively, we make our utmost effort, and we give to the maximum of our capacity. That is why our logo is always…. MACS to the MAX!

  • Rosalyn D. Minor T-III MACS
  • Jordan R. Namoro MT-I MACS

Reposted from MACS Publication with permission.

Kappa Epsilon returns to Nueva Ecija, Aurora and Isabela Public Schools to cap off this year’s #brigadaKEskwela2020

Amidst the challenges in directly providing assistance brought about by the CoVid19 pandemic, the Kappa Epsilon pursued to cover 26 schools across Luzon for its brigadaKEskwela2020 project.

11 public schools in 3 provinces were able to receive their respective covid19 prevention packages today, wrapping up the one and a half month campaign that started on June 2, 2020. This arduous task would not be possible without the brotherly collaboration of Kappa Epsilon chapters of UPLB, Nueva Ecija and Isabela.

Brother Reildrin Morales, Charter Batch 90-A of UPLB led the Nueva Ecija and Aurora mission in collaboration with the leadership of Kappa Epsilon Nueva Ecija Council, KENEC, its chapter members and KE educators of the beneficiary schools.

In Isabela, Brothers Rogelio Dunca, Vermond Almonte and Sis Pau Villanueva led the missions in 3 Public schools that was also completed today.

Further, The BrigadaKEskwela2020 supported the Southern Luzon Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Alumni Association, Inc (SLKEAAI) in its project, KE Bond project for KE educators by donating book paper to be used by teachers in preparation for the module printing requirement.

Summing it all up, we have reached out to more than 30 public schools. a fitting number on the 30th anniversary of Kappa Epsilon in UP Los Banos.

As intended, the BrigadaKEskwela2020 project was able complete its target number of public schools and was able to support other projects. Moreover, it has rekindled once more the unity and the Bayanihan spirit among Kappa Epsilon members, wherever they may be..

On behalf of the UPLB Chapter Alumni and Residents, we acknowledge and thank all those who supported this project in the KE Universe by way of their means, money, manpower and methods. Truly an effort worth our while.

“Mabuhay ang Kapatirang pinakikilos ng kaalaman at kalinawagan na pinagbuklod sa pamamagitan ng serbisyo sa kanyang kapwa. Mabuhay ang KE Educators!, Mabuhay ang Kappa Epsilon!”

Felino ” Ninoy” Castro V
UPLB Charter Batch 90-A
#BrigadaKEskwela2020 Alumni Project Lead
Finale AVP
Thank you Donors

#brigadaKEskwela reaches Isabela public schools

Members of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity / Sorority/ Theta Epsilon Sorority from UPLB and Isabela Chapters led the turnover of Covid19 prevention supplies to Balintocatoc Elementary School in Santiago City and Echague West Central School in Echague, Isabela today, 15 July 2020. The event is part of the fraternity’s ongoing outreach project #brigadaKEskwela2020 supporting public schools and their KE resident educators.

As intended, the donation shall be used by the teachers and their staff as they continue their preparations to serve students for the coming school year. Another mission is set in Mangga Elementary School in Quezon, Isabela on Saturday, 18 July 2020.

On behalf of the UPLB residents and alumni, We thank our resident KE educators, brothers and sisters in Isabela for collaborating with us for this worthwhile initiative. Truly a testament of our continuing and unified service to all.

“The willingness to share does not make one charitable, it makes one free.” -Rober Brault

Providing other people’s needs really pleases me as a public servant. My decision to join this organization is something that I will never regret for the rest of my life becase it has proven what it means to be of held in great importance, acknowledged, and appreciated. We recklessly serve without hesitation in order to give hope and to share our blessings without expecting to be given back, with the utmost courage in dealing with the danger brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. In behalf of Balintocatoc Integrated School, we would like to give our deepest thanks and gratitude to KAPPA EPSILON in their hard work and unwavering advocacy of community support despite the possible consequences of the current crisis we are facing. God Bless and more power KAPPA EPSILON!

Sis Roda Grande
KE Educator in Balintocatoc Elementary School

Isang pagpupugay sa ating kappatiran! Ako at sampu ng aking mga kaguro ng ECHAGUE WEST CENTRAL SCHOOL ay taos pusong nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng mga alummi brods sa mga items na inihandog ninyo sa aming paaralan. Salamat muli KAPPATIDS! GOD BLESS! 😎😎😎

Brod Ronald Nadala
KE Educator in Echague West Central School

Bihawo Elementary School receives #BrigadaKEskwela2020 packages in memory of Brod Dodo Savella, KE 71-B UPD

Amidst the storm, the #brigadaKEskwela2020 continues to support our public schools, to include the adopted school of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity in Botolan, Zambales. The donation was received by the Principal of the school, Teacher Cristina Pangilinan and was distributed today for the use of the teaching and non teaching staff reaching out to the students during this pandemic. The 14th #brigadaKEskwela mission was made possible through close coordination of UP Los Banos, UP Diliman, UE Alumni and LGU Botolan. The Bihawo mission is conducted in memory of Brother Raymundo “Dodo” Savella, KE Batch 71-B UP Diliman who passed away last week. May his memory be a blessing to the adopted school of our Fraternity. ###

More than 30 Schools by the 30th year: UPLB, alumni and friends support “KE Bond Project” of SLKEAAI,

Actualizing the call to support our KE educators, The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, UPLB Chapter, Alumni and Friends is supporting the Southern Luzon Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association Inc. (SLKEAAI) “KE Bond Project”Support for KE educators as an offshoot of BrigadaKEskwela2020. 70 reams of Subs20 A4 Copy Paper will be donated to SLKEAAI to meet the needs of more than 30 KE educators of the 20 Schools in Quezon Province. With this development, the BrigadaKEskwela2020 will be covering more than 30 schools on our 30th year.

#brigadaKEskwela2020 project covers more than 30 schools in 10 provinces

Project AVP Finale

The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity – UPLB chapter started the activity: BrigadaKEskwela2020 last June 02, 2020, that aims to provide a package consisting of face shields, face masks, disinfectants, liquid hand soap and thermal scanners to public schools in preparation for the incoming school year. KE member-Educators from different school chapters requested us to include their schools to be part of this project. As of July 18, 2020, 26 public schools have received their BrigadaKEskwela Packages. A support package was also donated to SLKEAAI,s KE Bond Project for KE Educators. We thank the overwhelming support of the KE Universe for our common goal to help our KE educators and their respective public schools through #brigadaKEskwela2020.

What educators say about the project

“Magandang Buena Mano para sa Brigada Eskwela 2020.

Librada Solis, Head Teacher III & Brigada Eskwela Coordinator, Inosloban-Marawoy Integrated National High School

“Kappa Epsilon was the first one who answered our call. Their act of kindness gave us hope that we can make it in this most challenging school year we have to face and ever since.”

Teacher Ana Torres, Brigada Eskwela Coordinator Elementary School, Malvar, Batangas

“Despite the health risk, it is really a noble and selfless work of Kappa Epsilon to reach our Talavera Senior High School”

Pepito Marzan Jr. Principal, Talavera Senior High School

“Napakalaking tulong nito sa aming paaralan.”

Aileen Joy R. Manzano Head Teacher VI, English Department, Ilocos Sur National High School

Project Governance and Transparency

As good stewards of your entrusted donations, we are disclosing the status of the #brigadaKEskwela2020 funds that have been received by the UPLB KE Project Management team.

List of Project Donors

Acknowledment AVP

#brigadaKEskwela2020 is one of the many projects within the Kappa Epsilon Universe.

Thank you for your support.

Health Facilities in and around UPLB benefit from Project: KElinga sa Laguna Kontra COVID-19

In response to the urgent need for PPEs of Health facilities in Los Baños, Laguna, the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity – UPLB Chapter initiated the project: “KElinga sa Laguna Kontra COVID-19” last May 1, 2020. With the help of our friends, alumni brothers and sisters, the Fraternity has successfully provided a total of (100) Coveralls, (4) boxes of surgical face masks, (120) face shields, and (4) gallons of alcohol to the following hospitals: Laguna Provincial Hospital Bay District, Healthserv Los Baños Medical Center, Los Baños Doctors Hospital and Medical Center, Incorporated, and University Health Service, U.P. Los Baños.

Through this project, the Fraternity was also able to help displaced tailors in Taytay, Rizal due to the pandemic. The PPEs made are durable, washable, and reusable.

We would like to thank our Friends, Alumni Brothers, University of the Philippines System Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Inc. (UPSKEFI), and the UP Theta Epsilon Sorority UPLB for supporting this donation drive during this time of crisis.