Kappa-ep YahooGroup

In the internet era email has been the one single innovation that has succeeded in linking brothers and sisters world-wide. The yahoogroup list service sends individual messages or digests of all subscriber communications via email.  It also provides a searchable archive and some other useful features such as a calendar and a vault area for file storage.  Subscription is required for the list.  The link will take you to the yahoogroup home page for this list service. It is, however,  a private group and you will not be able to view the archives unless you register.


UP KE and ThE Egroups

The official yahoogroup of all alumni and residents of the  Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and Theta Epsilon Sorority from the University of the Philippines. This was created so that members can touch base with their roots and be updated of all the activities from the state university and the respective alumni associations.

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