KE 47th Founding Anniversary

Brothers and Sisters,

As has been agreed by the UPKEAAI leadership,

The celebration of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Anniversary details are
as follows:

The Anniversary party will be held on a Saturday, February 21, 2015 at
the Heroes Grill Restaurant, located at the Veterans Memorial Medical
Center grounds in Quezon City.

Festivities will start at around 6:00 PM (or as early as whoever arrives
first). The highlight of the event is the salubong or the time when the
clock strikes 12:00 midnight and the date changes to February 22, which
is the Anniversary date that we are celebrating to.

All members (Alumni and Residents) of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity,
Kappa Epsilon Sorority, Theta Epsilon Sorority, the Aphrodite, the KE
Ladies’ Circle, and other affiliate KE Lady Organizations are invited to
grace the occasion.

A minimal fee of PhP 600.00 pesos will be collected from the Alumni
attendees. No fees will be collected from the Residents. We will be
posting a confirmation list for those who will attend. Those who are
able to confirm before the deadline to be set will be entitled to a PhP
100.00 discount (Meaning the entrance fee is adjusted to PhP 500.00).

Hoping to see everybody there.

For the UPKEAAI President,

Noehl Alinsangan
KE 92E UP Diliman

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