The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity was founded in the  late  1960’s   by a   group  of  students from  the  College  of  Engineering  of  the  University  of   the Philippines. There were (12) twelve  founding   members  headed   by  Alvin Manalang.  It was dream of these  individuals  to  give  other  students  an option  to  join  a  non-traditional fraternity. They  used  the  greek  letters Kappa and Epsilon since the ideal that the fraternity aspired to was Knowledge, Equality and Enlightenment. 

From a few members, the  Kappa  Epsilon  Fraternity  grew  to  have a significant presence in  the University of the  Philippines, active   in  major changes that where happening in the Academe. The student  leaders looked up to the fraternity for leadership and guidance. The picture below  was taken after a meeting that  the  fraternity  conducted  at  Vinzon’s  Hall. That building  is  the  center  of  all  student activities since it  all houses  the  University   Student  Council Headquarters and the Office of Student Affairs. The Kappa Epsilon  Fraternity  became   co-founders of the famed League of  Filipino StudentsSAMASA and many  other student organizations.

The picture above was taken at vinzon’s hall. There, more than a hundred brothers gathered at one time.
The original tambayan, first lucky break where the fraternity was awarded an office on the top floor in Vinzon’s hall.

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